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Getting walls wallpapered is costlier than having walls painted any day. But still many opt for wallpapers. You know why: because wallpapers are durable and attractive in many ways. But, people tend to make mistakes by hanging their expensive wallpapers in an inept manner, thereby spoiling the very charm of the wallpaper.

So, to avoid any failure in the process of installation of your high-end wallpapers, you must rely on experts. We – DJ Painting and Decoration – have fully mastered the art of hanging wallpapers in a manner that exudes delicacy and superior workmanship.

We believe that a task as tedious as wallpaper requires patience and much artistic flair along with technical know-how. In addition, we have equipped ourselves with the most efficient kit that comprises all the latest tools and equipment for the task. Thus, having backed by the kind of professional disposition and resources needed for the task, we can assure you of never going wrong with wallpaper hanging.

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Wallpapering Professional

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DJ Painting is a team of Dublin-based professional wallpaper hangers. We utilise upscale or specialised wallpaper. Working with some of the leading wallpaper manufacturers, we have earned a reputation for being dependable, courteous, and skilled wallpaper hangers.

With years of expertise in wallpaper hanging, we offer a bespoke yet reasonably priced luxury wallpaper hanging service that includes the installation of high-end wallcoverings, hand-printed wallpaper, silks, textiles, metallic wallpapers, flocks, foils, and more.

Our team of wallpaper installers is pleased to assist you with any aspect of the design and installation process.

We provide free estimates (which may require a site visit on larger projects). You will also benefit from our industry-specific expertise and extensive experience with high-end wall coverings.

Exceptional Customer Care

We'll get back to you within two hours with any questions, and we're available for consultation the following day. Get your house painters and decorators booked for the same week so you can remodel your Dublin home at the same time!

Superiority at its Finest

Painters and decorators from our company have been painting Dublin homes for many years, and we always use high-quality paints and supplies. In addition, we offer a six-month guarantee on all of our work.

A well-seasoned group

In order to provide the finest service possible, our staff must have at least five years of experience. We separate out from the rest because of our professionalism and excellence.


DJ Painting offers excellent wallpapering services in the Dublin area

Our name is connected with excellence and quality. Our wallpaper firm in Dublin has served clients around Dublin for many years and is skilled in all wallpaper service Dublin tasks. We are the professionals to contact for wallpaper removal in Dublin, wallpaper repair in Dublin, or a complete redesign of your home or office by an interior design wallpaper consultant in Dublin. No of the size or shape of your room, home, or company, our highly trained professionals will produce exceptional results.

We provide a professional interior design service. Discuss your ideas with one of our professionals. They may provide suggestions and guidance and help you build the ideal plan for your project. You may utilise a variety of materials for your creations, including wallpaper, fibreglass, fabrics, and cork, to mention a few. After you and the design team have reached an agreement on your designs, our skilled wallpaper installers will bring your ideas to life with a great design.

We provide all of our customers with our DJ Painting promise of quality craftsmanship and stunning outcomes. We are certain that you will be pleased with the final product.

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What Advantages Does Professional Wallpaper Installation in Dublin Offer?

Time Saving Professional Wallpaper Installation in Dublin

If you intend to redecorate your house or place of business, hiring specialists may be more expensive than doing it yourself, but it has many more advantages than a do-it-yourself project. Access to our highly skilled design professionals is one of our most valuable offerings. Their knowledge, counsel, and expertise are important in assisting you to plan and design the ideal environment. Our professional craftsmen will hang your wallpaper flawlessly and fast, so you won’t need to purchase more wallpaper in case of faults.

Installers: Skilled Professionals

For some jobs, our clients require more than just wallpapering. Our experience has taught us that some homeowners in Dublin require wallpaper removal in addition to wallpaper installation, while others require cleaning, new drywall, and other wallpapering features that are best performed by specialists. In many homes, removing wallpaper also necessitates painting. Others require work with embossed wallpaper. Regardless of your wallpapering demands, professional wallpaper installation in Dublin is the prudent choice.

Professional Wallpaper Installation: A Cost-Saving Investment

Installing wallpaper in our clients’ homes demands expensive equipment. In addition to measuring tapes and buckets, several other items are required for wallpaper installation, which is where a professional comes in. Before purchasing such products, you should evaluate the expense, particularly if you lack wallpapering installation skills. As a reputable professional wallpapering business in Dublin, we have professionals on staff, saving you money on tools and relieving you of project stress.

Professional Wallcovering Installation Reduces Anxiety.

According to a number of our customers, wallpaper installation in Dublin is one of their least favourite chores, particularly for novices. Whether we are removing or installing wallpaper in a home, we strive to alleviate the anxiety of customers who are anxious about making errors, so preventing undue aggravation. Simply put, hiring a professional to wallpaper your house is easier, less stressful, and permits our interior design professionals to provide advice on designs and kinds. Everybody wins.

For the finest results, engage a specialist.

When it comes to getting superior results, wallpapering Dublin buildings professionally is the finest course of action. As a Dublin wallpapering business, we are here to help you save time and worry while ensuring that our covering installation meets the highest standards that only professional wallpapering can provide. Call us immediately for all of your wallpaper installation requirements in Dublin!

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