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Exterior Painting

Dublin Painters for Exteriors

One of the greatest ways to make your house or company stand out to clients and passersby is to maintain a beautiful exterior throughout the year. Our exterior painters & decorators in Dublin are here specifically for this purpose. With years of experience working on commercial and residential projects, we have the expertise to make your property stand out for all the right reasons.

In addition to enhancing the appearance of your building, outside decoration is essential for protecting external materials such as wood, render, metal, and even concrete. Without frequent painting, the outside of your home will deteriorate more quickly, resulting in higher future repair costs.

Our staff at DJ Painting Dublin employs only the best quality exterior paints that are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly. To safeguard the environment, our aim is to utilise water-based paints with minimal VOC content wherever possible. Our painting and decorating services for the exterior of your home are durable, ensuring that your property is protected regardless of the weather.

Dublin Painters for Exteriors

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Dublin Exterior Decorators

Professional Exterior Painting

Dublin Exterior Decorators

If you are looking for “outside decorators near me,” consider calling our decorators in Dublin. We can assist you with renovating the outside of your residential or business property. Whether you want the painting of a render surface or the refinishing of an exterior wood door, we can deliver solutions that look fantastic and ensure your happiness.

The staff at DJ Painting Dublin serves both commercial and residential clients throughout the whole city. We can assist you with decorating the exterior of your house or company so that it looks nicer and attracts more clients.

We recognise the significance of working safely while painting and decorating the outside of a building, and we will not begin any task without doing a full risk assessment. We will utilise the proper tools and access equipment to do the task safely and with little customer disruption. As with all of our work, we are confident that you will be pleased with the superior craftsmanship provided by our Dublin painting crew.

Exceptional Customer Care

We'll get back to you within two hours with any questions, and we're available for consultation the following day. Get your house painters and decorators booked for the same week so you can remodel your Dublin home at the same time!

Superiority at its Finest

Painters and decorators from our company have been painting Dublin homes for many years, and we always use high-quality paints and supplies. In addition, we offer a six-month guarantee on all of our work.

A well-seasoned group

In order to provide the finest service possible, our staff must have at least five years of experience. We separate out from the rest because of our professionalism and excellence.

Interior Painting

Painters and Decorators of Interiors

A competent decorating project may drastically modify the appearance and atmosphere of the interior of any house. Our painters and decorators will guarantee the job is completed to a quality you can be proud of for many years.

Our team of interior painters & decorators is available to discuss your needs and answer any related inquiries. We may arrange for an estimator to visit your location and deliver a free, no-obligation, fixed-price quotation.

Interior Painting
Our painting and decoration of interiors is

Frequent job types

Our painting and decoration of interiors is

Our skilled painters and decorators are available to assist you with any interior decorating project.

  • The presence of emulsion on walls and ceilings
  • Priming, undercoating, and finishing wooden surfaces
  • Hanging wallpaper and lining paper
  • Stripping wallpaper
  • Window, door, and frame painting
  • removing varnish from wooden surfaces
  • Sanding and dyeing the flooring
  • Walls in need of patchwork repairs
  • Plastering and tiling.

Before Interior Painting

Comprehensive preparedness

Every interior design project begins with prepping the area to be decorated. Our painters will relocate furniture and set down protective sheets to maintain surfaces as spotless as possible and avoid damage.

Interior surfaces typically benefit from being cleaned with a sugar soap solution prior to painting. This will eliminate any oil prior to sanding. Sanding will remove any loose or peeling paint and smooth the surface so that paint can adhere correctly.

Before Interior Painting
Preparation for painting an interior

Preparation duties

Preparation for painting an interior

Our painters and decorators utilise professional-grade supplies for all preparation work. Activities include:

  • Degreasing walls and woodwork
  • Filling fissures, gaps, and depressions
  • Remediating or repairing decayed or damaged wood
  • Priming surfaces of naked wood.
  • Applying a “mist” paint layer on bare plaster
  • removing existing paint that is flaking, peeling, damaged, or bubbled.
  • Treating knots in unfinished fresh wood

A durable finish requires a sturdy basis that is devoid of cracks, flaws, and other imperfections and to which paint may attach.

Interior Painting & Decorating

Residential Interior

We take pride in our ability to decorate your home in a tidy and professional manner. Interior residential works being our most sought-after type of work, we know the ingredients to deliver the best painting finish for your home. Working alongside interior designers or not, we can carry out an excellent standard of work in your home with little to no disruption. Our experts can paint ANY interior spaces.

Faded, stained, scuffed or peeling paint can make your home look old and dreary. It can also negatively affect your mood and happiness. If you want to wow your guests as they enter your home then you need to get your house painted.

We are always available for our clients. You can call or email us for further details and information about the services we provide.

Residential Interior
Residential Exterior

Preparation duties

Residential Exterior

Refresh the exterior of your property with our specialized coating systems to maintain your house to protect it from weather to the point of damage, our high standards, knowledgeable tradesmen and unbeatable customer service ensure that we stand out from any other home painter decorators for all the right reasons.

We carry out all types of external decorating for your residential property. We offer a reliable and professional service to leave your home in tip-top shape. Whatever might be your requirements related to painting and decorating, we will work tirelessly to ensure everything is finished to meet your satisfaction.


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