Commercial Painting

Comercial Painting

Dublin's Professional Commercial Painters

The DJ Painting & Decorating offers excellent quality painting and decorating services to provide a brilliant finish for the exterior of your property or business. Our services are available all across Dublin, only using high-quality tools and materials to ensure the best possible solution for your space to attract from the outside, including front, side or rear elevation!

We understand some situations are out of control, however, our professional team will ensure a worry-free solution to your project and guarantee a painting service which is up to standards.

We deliver to all residential, commercial and hospitality projects to create an exterior which will attract everyone and have them in awe.

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Dublin Commercial Painters

Commercial Painting Experts

Dublin Commercial Painters

At Dublin painters and decorators, our commercial painting and decorating services are just what you need to enhance your office space. We deal with a variety of enterprises and commercial properties, including offices, warehouses, retail spaces, schools, hospitals, and gyms, among others.

Our company is committed to assisting your business in reaching its full potential. All of this begins with an elegant and inviting workspace for consumers, clients, and employees. We recognise that painting and decorating refurbishment projects might cause interruption and downtime for your business, but this will not be an issue with Painters and Decorators Dublin. So that the renovations have no negative impact on your business, we will create an efficient work schedule based on your company’s requirements. Our adaptable approach to painting and decorating allows us to work around the clock to complete your project efficiently. On all commercial projects, we strive to work efficiently, cleanly, and within budget, and to get the job done correctly the first time to minimise delays.

Exceptional Customer Care

We'll get back to you within two hours with any questions, and we're available for consultation the following day. Get your house painters and decorators booked for the same week so you can remodel your Dublin home at the same time!

Superiority at its Finest

Painters and decorators from our company have been painting Dublin homes for many years, and we always use high-quality paints and supplies. In addition, we offer a six-month guarantee on all of our work.

A well-seasoned group

In order to provide the finest service possible, our staff must have at least five years of experience. We separate out from the rest because of our professionalism and excellence.


Dublin Office Painters & Decorators

Our high-quality office painting and decorating services are ideal for revitalising the workplace atmosphere of your organisation. Whether it is a tiny office distant from the city or a major multi-office complex in the middle of the city, professional office painters in Dublin can assist enhance the efficiency of your workforce and create a positive picture of your business to clients and workers by painting the inside of your office. We will collaborate with you to ensure that the designs adhere to your company’s logo so that you are readily recognisable. We will match the colours of your company’s logo to guarantee that the work is unique to your organisation.

Alternatively, if you are just establishing a business, our skilled painters and decorators in Dublin can assist you in selecting the optimal colours and decorations for the inside of your workplace in order to maximise the available space.

When it comes to working in the commercial sector, flexibility is crucial, and we recognise this. Our team will deliver the project outside of your normal business hours to avoid any disruptions.

The significance of your office setting cannot be overstated. With the proper touches, your workplace will inspire and drive you and your employees to perform at your best every day. In addition, it will foster a professional and trustworthy environment that will positively reflect on your organisation in the eyes of clients and consumers.

Dublin painters for restaurants and hospitality

Commercial Painters

Dublin painters for restaurants and hospitality

Our team of painters and decorators is equipped to provide excellent interior and outdoor décor for hotels, bars, restaurants, cafés, and more in the hospitality sector. We desire to collaborate with you to enhance your company’s status with your consumers. When constructing a hospitality facility, it is of the highest significance to create the appropriate ambiance. Customers will have the finest possible experience when they visit your venue if you have the correct inside décor. Our painters and decorators in Dublin will collaborate with your design team to explore the best methods to utilise your space and create a distinct ambiance that will keep clients returning.

With the proper interior and exterior design, your company will stand out on the main street, and our hospitality painting and decorating service can assist you in achieving this. Contact me if you have a strict opening deadline to fulfil. To ensure that your project delivery requirements are satisfied, we may expedite the job from the initial contact to its conclusion.

Commercial Studio Painters

Dublin Studio Painters & Decorators

It is difficult to inspire creativity if your circumstances are not conducive to it. Our commercial painters and decorators in Dublin will be able to give your business studio a wonderful finishing touch, allowing you to do your finest work with a clear head. Whether you are in the business of generating art, theatre, or music, we will give your studio space a lively appearance and a revitalised atmosphere to inspire your creativity.

Dublin Studio Painters & Decorators
The Dublin Workshop Painters

Workshop Painting

The Dublin Workshop Painters

If you are in the manufacturing industry, we understand that your facility must meet the appropriate specifications and be maintained to the highest standards. Our painters and decorators in Dublin will collaborate with your maintenance staff and designers to guarantee that the specifications for your interior or exterior painting project are accurate from the start. Whether your industrial floor, walls, ceilings, metal components, machinery, plants, or equipment require painting, our team of skilled painters will be able to assist you so that your manufacturing facility may remain operational throughout the year. We also provide routine and periodic painting maintenance; thus, make us your first choice for keeping your business property in pristine shape at all times.

Commercial Painting

When is the optimal timing to get commercial painting completed?

Customers frequently inquire about the optimal time of year for painting and decorating their business properties. The answer is that there is no universal solution. As a business owner, you must ask yourself many important questions to decide the optimal moment to refurbish your commercial property. Here are some important considerations:

  • When is the busiest time of day for your business? Depending on the nature of your business, certain days, weeks, months, and years will be busier than others. It may seem apparent, but it is preferable to schedule disruptive renovations at slower times in order to minimise disruptions to employees and customers, as well as earnings losses.
  • The task is either internal or external. This will play a significant part in establishing the optimal period for painting and decorating. The optimum time to perform outside maintenance is during the summer, when the weather is dry and warm. Certain paints cannot be applied in frigid conditions, thus the optimum time for outside work is during the warmer months. If your project involves both interior and outside work, attempt to plan the inside work during the winter and the outdoor work during the summer.
  • What is the purpose of your painting? If you have recently bought a new business property, there is no better time to get it painted. You may rebrand the building to fit your company’s identity, allowing you to be readily recognised. If you are approaching the end of your leasing agreement, it is also a good time to renovate the building to avoid dilapidation accusations. If painting is part of your business property’s normal maintenance, it should be planned to follow on logically from other trade works, such as plastering, and should ideally be completed prior to the installation of new floor coverings.
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